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Many pen turners use the following formula to determine the retail price for their custom writing instruments. The cost of the pen kit plus the cost of the pen blank times three. Here are two examples using the same Big Ben Cigar Pen Kits:  The pen kit $8.50 + hand cast Camouflage blank $10.00 = $18.50 X 3 = $55.50 ( I priced this pen at $60.00) The pen kit $8.50 + natural leather blank $25.00 = $33.50 X 3 = $100.50 ( I priced this pen at $90.00) BUT - I made the leather blank and didn’t pay $25.00 for it like another pen turner would have paid.  My price for this pen would have been higher than $100.00 because natural leather blanks are very challenging to turn. I make almost all of the blanks I use to turn pens.  It is common to have three to five hours of time invested in each pen I create. I love watching the colors come to life in the hand cast pens.  It might be a persons favorite team colors, or a loving couple’s wedding colors or just the colors that rocks someones boat! There is something special in the feel and look of the leather pens.  The exterior leather ages well with the addition of a persons own body oils.  The pen colors deepen and change over time. Many of them are given as gifts because of their heirloom quality.